ESI International

Online Marketing Manager

ESI International | Arlington, VA | March 2010-August 2011

ESI International has more than 30 years experience in project management training and custom training programs for government agencies, corporations and individuals, and offers professional training across the globe. I managed marketing efforts for the company’s global online properties, developing internal procedures that assured accountability and evaluated the success of our efforts. In addition, I was the technology champion for the organization, leading cross-functional teams in major new development efforts, web-based outreach programs and company-wide trainings. My role also allowed me to advise key decision makers and staff and architect the results of these efforts. 

  • Led cross-functional teams in the launch and testing of a new website and associated content management system, coordinating activities in each department
  • Led global teams in similar efforts to launch region-specific websites, converting to the new, centralized CMS and ensuring proper training
  • Implemented global program to collect feedback on new online management systems from internal and external stakeholders, prioritizing execution of changes and identifying major new initiatives
  • Facilitated face-to-face meetings of executive, management and staff teams at major decision points in these processes, and architected the solutions that resulted
  • Facilitated face-to-face meetings of staff members from every part of the organization to determine needs that were not being met, prioritizing solutions for development and architecting those efforts
  • Worked with internal and external developers to manage the execution of architected efforts, as well as leveraging staff resources to ensure successful launches
  • Created and led staff training program to introduce online marketing best practices and an understanding of marketing analytics, increasing efficiency of those programs and reducing support needs
  • Working with the development, marketing and sales team, create and implement a “shopping cart recovery” program, identifying users who did not complete the checkout process and contacting them directly to finish, directly increasing revenues